During my first healing session I had this overwhelming feeling of being nurtured and an enormous sense of ‘being home’ and belonging, it was like I had finally found my spiritual family with the Pleiadeans.

 I believe my confidence has grown, I am using my voice again which has been on mute for a lot of years. In the past I was doing a lot of ‘fake it to you make it’ but now I actually believe I have something to offer. My heart is more open after being emotionally shut down for a long time and I’m more willing to ‘put myself out there’ even if it means there is a chance of being rejected.

I am more confident with my knowledge/experiences and am able to voice this to colleagues more easily. I have a sense of being more balanced, the Ying & Yang – feminine/masculine seems to be more serene. I now have an acceptance of my shadow self and I am not fearful to look at it and investigate where it may be coming from.

Open yourself up to a whole new experience. The Pleiadeans will welcome you and are pleased to assist Asharnaye in the healing sessions and happily work alongside the Angelic realm (which they do in my sessions).

The only word I have found to describe the feeling after a session is ‘buzzing’, that combined with a feeling of being hypo. My first experience of Quadeucous was ‘it just seems to fit’.

Asharnaye is genuinely interested in the holistic wellbeing of people which shines through in the session. The sessions are conducted in a safe and respectful environment and you are immediately put at ease by Asharnaye’s calm demeanour.  "Wendy"

Thank you for helping me to find a Better way of Being.  I cannot articulate the difference your healing sessions have made in my Soul.  This is true true healing.

I cannot promote Asharnayes genuine quality and natural gifts for sharing her healing abilities enough. Asharnaye is a natural and genuinely beautiful lady who does not hesitate to share the gift of healing.

Asharnaye since the first day we met all those years ago I have been continuously drawn to you. You're energy is boundless. Every time I have interacted with you in your various healing practices I have walked away feeling significantly better.

As for the Quadeucous Soul Healing system, along with your naturally gifted talent for healing through energy dance and sound, I cannot say enough or articulate profusely enough how healing our sessions have been. I feel renewed and more confident in my life direction than I have ever felt in my entire life.

The confidence and calmness that I am feeling is staggering and I get down on my knees in gratitude for all that you have gifted me in our healing sessions.

Our sessions have saved me from crashing harder than ever. They have been lifesaving and life renewing and can't wait for us to see the ultimate results. We are going to ride this out together 💙😇 blessed by your connection to source and YOU.  "Su-Anne"