"We are thrilled that you are considering becoming a Quadeucous               Practitioner and appreciate that you do not take this decision lightly.         The World, Humanity and all Souls need beautiful Light Beings, like               yourself, to help spread the Soulullar Healing that comes                            with Quadeucous.  We welcome you to the journey of                 Soul healing and to the return to the Original Divine Blueprint of your Soul Essence."       The Pleiades Group

The Quadeucous Institute of Education &

 Training will be launched on this space

 and workshops will be announced.


           There are two levels of the Quadeucous Healing System.

                First:     The Initiate            Second:   The Graduate

For both levels you will spend a full day in training learning of the system, being empowered with the symbols and knowledge of this beautiful Soul Healing.  There will be loads of time to practice and truly allow yourself to dive into the awesomeness of this new healing modality.

Prior to completing the Graduate there is the requirement to have spent at least 7 months practising and using your Quadeucous Initiate training.

The training can be done in person and all training details will be announced here and on the Hibiscus Dreaming Facebook page.  

From here and after a time with using and practicing at the Graduate level you will be able to apply to become a licenced Quadeucous Facilitator holding your own Quadeucous Training.

               The Initiate

           You will learn about:

  • What the Quadeucous Healing does and where it comes from.
  • The Soul Seed
  • Pleiades Pyramid of Protection
  • Quadeucous Healing Device
  • The symbols of Quadeucous
  • The practice of Quadeucous
  • Hand positions for healing.
  • Self practice

            The Graduate

You will learn about:

  • Graduate Symbol and all that it gives you
  • Graduate Self Care Practices
  • What does it mean to be a Facilitator of Quadeucous
  • Code of Ethics
  • Soul Seed Meditation
  • Energy Release and Let Go Exercises
  • so much more.