Hello Dear Soul and thank you for finding your path to Hibiscus Dreaming.

What has led me to be doing what I am doing now?

Well, as with us all, it has taken many incarnations, many lifetimes/timeframes and dimensions to get my Soul here.

But, here is where I can start for now to answer that question.

My earliest memories of the beginning of the now are of when I was but a child, sitting in the darkened hallway of my home, chatting with my friends in Spirit.

Then as I grew I became the teenager who would get asked to hold a séance.

And now - talking Light Language and communicating with my Pleiades Collective.

I have had a blessed life of continued learning and exploring many healing modalities and practices, to deep and meaningful chats with those in spirit both passed loved ones, passed strangers to the galaxy of light beings watching down on us.  All of which I am so grateful for.  Thank you.

I live in Australia, and my life journey has taken me to many a wonderful land - United Kingdom, Egypt, Europe and Indonesia, all to which some magical hand me down of knowledge has occurred.  Both know and unknown.

My biggest moments, I will explore here, have been in Glastonbury and Stone Henge.  It was in this fine land, which at a Soul Level really resonates as home for me, I was gifted my first download for the Quadeucous Healing System in 2016.

From there, this new healing system and my connection to the Pleiades grew stronger and stronger.  In 2019, I was involved in an accident which saw me immobile for awhile and I was able to channel daily for 5 months all about this system, how it works, how the new symbols I had been using all worked together to bring about this most powerful and gentle Soul Healing System.

There is so much in between those lines but that is the gist of Asharnaye.

I am a Soul who through time, through teachings, through experience has the Soul hearts desire to help others towards a better way of being here on the Earth Plane.

We all deserve to be resonating at our very own unique beautiful vibration, filled with peace, with the ability to create our own magic. 

I am here to help be a part of that unfolding for you.    Sat Nam

Soul Blessings

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