Quadeucous Healing  (30/60mins) 

The intuitive power of this Cosmic consciousness healing energy will move through  the layers of your Koshas, igniting great cleansing and empowering of your Brahma Nadi assisting greatly in reunifying you with your pure consciousness and returning your vibration back to your Original Divine Blueprint.  Affecting a deep Soul alignment to your Earth Plane path, and uplifting your passion for being and creating a wonderful flow of peace within and around you.  Always serving your highest best interest and being everything you need at that point in time. 

Chakra Balancing  (30/60mins) 

The Chakras provide a mud map to all that is going on for you in your      life.  Let them show you the way to a better way of being.  Sharon uses a Reiki infused crystal pendulum to read your Chakras & then will use Pranic Energy, Quaduecous healing & Harmonics to cleanse, balance & realign your Chakra system. 

Sound Harmonic Healing     (30mins) 

Take your healing journey to higher levels.  The frequency of sound      helping to uplift your vibrations to their most purest state of wellbeing.  Sharon uses harmonic chimes that have been specifically created to work with the Chakras & Energy pathways of the body.  These are placed on your body for a direct revitalising healing.  Using the Medicine drum to help you return to waking consciousness & grounding you into the Now. 

Wholeness Healing   (60mins)  

After a short discussion Sharon will get you relaxed on the massage table with a guided mediation.  Starting with Quadeucous Healing, then proceeding with checking and balancing your Chakras.  Then placing the beautiful harmonic chimes on you and sounding them until they are resonating beautifully for you.  Then Sharon will gently guide you back to waking consciousness and finish with the divine medicine drum, to fully ground  you back into the Now.



"After Sharon's healings I am left with a feeling of peace and happiness and I feel very relaxed and refreshed by the whole experience.  I feel balanced and centred again, like I'm back on track to what really matters to me, I have less worries and everything is all OK and perfect just as it is."   Tracy


" Incredible journey of self discovery and healing, wonderful results with a warm and genuine person."  Naomi


"Sharon's Healings are truly transformational, giving clarity and a sense of peace and well being.  An absolutely amazing experience.  Life changing."  Dianne


"Sometimes during Sharon's healings built up emotions are released, which for me is beneficial, and she supports/assists you through this experience as required." Tracy P

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