Asharnaye is most humbled and honoured to be sharing this healing system that has been channelled for deep healing at a Soul level.

A Soul over the time of incarnation can be affected in many ways from our emotions and thoughts,  environmental trauma, electromagnetic fields, and the energy field of others.
 This may lead to feelings of:
          * loneliness
         * loss of purpose
         * life disorientation
         * emptiness
         * disconnection from higher source
         * mental tiredness
         * caught up in emotions
        * sense of not belonging

Quadeucous can begin to help strengthen the Soul and empower it with a sense of awareness to help in everyday life.

The Quadeucous healing energy comes 

from the Cosmic Consciousness.  

Quadeucous is specific in what it does and 

in its simplicity, it is exact and all 


The aim is to bring back peace and a sense

 of alignment to the Soul by reconnecting to

 the Original Divine Blueprint of you.

It is a hands-on healing practice where the healing energy is transferred through touch.

A Quadeucous Healing Session    

A Soul Healing like no other.  

Reaching deeper into the core of you, and leaving you feeling complete, whole and rejuvenated with a strong sense of self, empowerment and alignment to your Soul Path here on the Earth Plane.

The intuitive power of this Cosmic consciousness healing energy moves inwards, through  the layers of your Koshas, igniting great Soul cleansing, assisting in reunifying you with your pure consciousness and returning your vibration back to your Original Divine Blueprint.  

Effectively uplifting your passion for Being and creating a wonderful flow of peace within and around you.  Always serving your highest best interest and being everything you need at that point in time.

Helping your Soul Light to shine ever so brightly out into the World.

Contact Asharnaye to Book your 

One on One Session

0429 197 290

               Interested in becoming a Quadeucous Practitioner