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                                            The Chakra System 

We are all beings of energy.  Within our whole we have energy  centres known as Chakras – pronounced as SHOCK-RUHS

It is universally accepted that there are 7 major chakras.

The major chakras are found up and down our body along the central nervous system.  They push vital life force energy “chi” or “prana” through the body to ensure vitality.  They are round in appearance tapering off like a cone with the vortex reaching into our bodies.

Our chakras radiate and receive energy.  They can be affected by a number of things including our daily thoughts, electromagnetic fields from phones, fluoro lights, computers.  If our chakras become blocked or out of balance, life force energy is unable to flow freely through the body. This results in the feeling of a lack of energy within us. If we are able to keep our ch

akras open and clear life force energy is able to flow through freely making us feel energetic and healthy.

 The lower chakras relate to issues within the material world, whilst the upper chakras relate to issues of a more spiritual nature.

Hibiscus Dreaming Chakra products have been created to provide one tool for assisting us with cleansing, energising and rebalancing our chakras. 

By using the products you may experience a refreshing new sense of well being.

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Press the arrow in each of the bars below to hear the harmonics of a particular chakra.

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Sacral Harmonic.MP3

Solar Plexus Harmonic.MP3

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Third Eye Harmonic.MP3

Crown Harmonic.MP3