What is Relaxology?

.Relaxology is a Stress Manangement Training program which aims to provide:

  • An understanding of stress and its impact on the body,
  • Information on relaxation and its counter affect of stress.
The training provides both theory and practical exercises for individuals to use not only in the training environment but to be able to transfer into the routine of everyday life.

Stress accounts for 70% of health related disorders that we experience. Stress can affect people by poor concentration, fatigue, lack of motivation and depression.  By learning to identify the stress in your life and with some relaxation techniques in your tool box, you can learn to counteract the effects of stress.

What is Stress?

"Stress can be defined as the experience of unpleasant over or under stimulation which actually, or potentially, leads to ill health."

A certain amount of stress is necessary for an active, healthy life, however high levels of stress can become maladaptive and potentially harmful.

Why Manage Stress?

 Learning skills to manage stress will enable you to function more effectively.

You will then be able to cope with current stresses in your life, develop your ability to use your energy more efficiently and take on responsibilities you never thought you would be able to cope with.  Learning to cope with stress will help to improve you quality of life and your overall wellness and well-being.


Relaxology training has been used in many arenas from Corporate through to Small Business.  By taking the negative out of the word stress in the workforce or life in general, we can take back control of the flow of work and life.

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