Meditation is a very effective method of relaxation.  The idea is to focus your thoughts on one relaxing thing for a period of time.  This rests the mind by diverting it from thinking about the problems you face.  It gives your body time to relax and recuperate and clear away toxins that may have built up through stress, mental and physical activity.

The importance of correct breathing cannot be over stated.  Correct use of the breath can help towards alleviating stress.  It can assist in relaxing the body almost immediately.

Meditation can help bring a state of inner harmony to the body, mind & soul. It is a way to bring balance to our lives in this ever quicken pace around us. It can help bring a sense of calmness that is able to engulf our whole.  It can disperse into our environment, changing the way we view situations, helping us to have a clearer more understanding approach to friends, family and those we come in contact with.

There are numerous forms of meditations, from using mantras, mudras, visualisations, movement, our breath and more. Once a part of our lives meditation can be used in the home, on a crowded bus or in a busy work place, helping to reduce stress and bring to ourselves a greater state of awareness and tranquility.

And you don't need to take all day to do it, just a quick relaxer of 5 mins or 20mins will freshen your being and bring nourishment to your whole.  Such benefits of meditation come from regular use and as with all things in life the more you practice the better you become.

     Meditation can have the following Effects:

  •       Slows breathing
  •       Reduces blood pressure
  •       Helps muscles to relax
  •       Gives the body time to eliminate lactic acid and other waste products
  •       Reduces anxiety
  •       Eliminates stressful thoughts
  •       Helps with clear thinking
  •       Helps us focus and concentrate better
  •        Reduces irritability
  •        Reduces stress headaches

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A range of Meditations for Relaxation have been composed and guided by Sharon to bring about a deep sense of peace and stillness for you.  Giving you time out from the rush of everyday life to enjoy some moments of relaxation and inner calmness.   Refreshing and rebuilding your Self to return to waking consciousness totally re-energised and focused on your path. 

The Power Up Meditations are short meditations designed to give you that extra boost of energy when you only have a few moments to spare.   The Meditation for Relaxation practices are longer in time for when you can truly sit or lie down to treat yourself to some tranquil moments.

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