Conscious Parenthood
When we stop and take a conscious look at the journey for a Soul from conception, through birth, 
to living in physical form  here on Earth it is a totally awesome mind blowing achievement.
The Soul is at the centre of our core.  It is who you are now, it is who you have been and it is who 
you will be.
When connecting and communicating at the Soul level there is a profound sense of completeness. 
 A wholeness and belonging that we are all in search of.
From the very beginning we can help our children's emerging Souls and give them the best
 opportunity for growth and expansion into the world and on their path.
I have created these Conscious Parenthood Packages to assist you in providing a Soul foundation 
for your child/ren.
The packages all include me connecting to your Child's Soul and channeling through any messages that
 may help in supporting  your child's growth.  Some messages may be direct to you or all about what is 
going on or needed for your child at this point in time.
The process includes looking at your Child's chakras, or in the case of Soul Beginnings (Your Chakras) 
to see if there is anything that you can do to ensure they are fully functioning, cleansed, and balanced.  
Offering the best opportunity for a healthy exchange of life force energy.
 During the  channeling I will also do distance healing, which is sent to help soothe and heal any
 energy blocks that may be occurring.  
I will record for your child their very own healing harmonics which is sent to you as a mp3.  This 
you can have your child listen to, at anytime.  Particularly good for helping to calm and provide a sense 
of support and safety to your child.  This is created for them and their energy alone, totally unique
 and a once off creation, that matches your Child's energy and needs at the time of the channeling.
The harmonics within the Soul Beginnings package, to be used throughout the pregnancy, where mums
 and bubs can listen to in the quiet moments together, can also be used in the first few weeks after
 a child has been born.  Again to help to support and heal your newborn after the experience
 of birth and arriving into body on Earth.

Please explore the packages below which range from 
Soul Conception
Soul Beginnings - The Pregnancy Stage
Soul Awakening - Age 0-5

Packages are also available for children 6 and upwards.  Please contact Sharon for information.


Soul Conception

Soul Beginnings

Soul Awakening