As the pace of modern life seems to be constantly accelerating, most of us are increasingly prone to feeling stressed and “out of balance”. What we are feeling is the result of strains upon our chakra system – the network of energy centres that integrate and regulate our body, mind and spirit.

When each of our chakras are balanced and working together harmoniously, we feel more alive, alert, and happy. The modern world can undermine the balance of our chakras, so rebalancing and cleansing is a must for energetic health.

This is where CHAKRADANCE™ comes in.  A sacred and freeing therapeutic experience, CHAKRADANCE™ works on an energetic, physical and emotional level to reclaim our health and wellbeing.

CHAKRADANCE™ is a profoundly simple, yet deeply transformative, spontaneous dance practice that leads to energetic balance and physical and emotional wellbeing.

Each chakra has its own unique energy and its own influence in our lives.  The way in which we move and the experiences we have during CHAKRADANCE™ are intensely personal. 

Music can play a major role in stimulating the chakra energies as musical vibrations can be tuned to the chakra system.  Each chakra vibrates to a specific frequency, which corresponds to specific tones.  

Guided by music resonating to each of the seven chakras, CHAKRADANCE™ participants are taken on a dynamic dance journey through their own energy centres. There is no right way to CHAKRADANCE™  as everyone has their own rhythm and movement.  By surrendering to the music and dancing from the inside out, we are able to free our natural energy flows and feel more fully alive.

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