Hibiscus Dreaming brings you a world of affirmation, prayer and mantras to brighten your day.  The power of repeating positive affirmations can help to surround you in a wonderful sense of strength, light and healing.     

Affirmations are short positive statements that are repeated a number of times in your mind or out loud. The ideal time is to do this when we are relaxed and the mind is calm. But, affirmations can be of great benefit in times of turmoil as well.

The statements are as mentioned short positive phrases that are repeated over and over in the mind. And with the power of saying these positively and with full belief they have a wonderful effect on us as a whole.

Some examples of just short affirmations that you could begin with;

 • ‘I am happy.’ • ‘I am calm.’ • ‘I am free.’ • ‘I am relaxed. • ‘I am still.’ • ‘I am healthy.

 Affirmations can be done anywhere and at any time.  But just for the purpose of experiencing this, we’ll try this seated. Make sure you are comfortable and there is little chance of you being interrupted for a few moments. Just close your eyes and try to relax. There is no where else you need to be just here and now practicing affirmations. Your whole body is feeling totally at ease and still.

That’s right just relax and you are now calm. Repeat to yourself at this stage your chosen affirmation. Remember say it as though you truly wholeheartedly believe it. Repeat the statement for now 3-5 times. Sit in silence and believe your words. You may want to repeat this a couple of times. Remember keep them positive.

When you are ready open your eyes with confidence and peace

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Crown Chakra Affirmation and Prayer, meditation, relaxation, healing, crown chakra, chakra, peace, calm
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