The pregnancy period is a time of profound importance when the Soul        of the unborn has chosen its parents and has decided that it is ready to participate in an Earth bound experience.

It is one of the greatest blessings to be bestowed upon a woman, that of being chosen to be the Soul incubator for the nine month period.

The fetus growing and forming right from conception, developing  its own  unique energy pattern and receiving nourishment, love and life from its mother.  

 A time where it is so so important to set the perfect growing space in preparation for life ahead.

You Will Receive:

  -  A spiritual reading channeled from your divine        Soul with messages of guidance, support and            empowerment at this glorious time. This will            include details on the vitality of your chakras          and how you can keep them vibrant and healthy        so you are in the best state throughout your            pregnancy.  Notes from the channelling will be          emailed to you.

-          A unique gift of harmonic sound to wrap yourself and your unborn in during your pregnancy and immediately after birth.  These harmonic sounds are created at the time of the reading and are a one of a kind compilation of healing sounds specific to  your emerging childs' needs. They are composed through connecting to the energy of your baby and relaying its sound.  (mp3 format)

-      A bonus 30min guided meditation for relaxation harmonic healing for Well Being. To help you relax, release tension and be in peace throughout the pregnancy. (mp3)

-    Your name will be placed on a healing Reiki Grid for one month after reading completed.

      A personal 30min skype call to deliver the        messages from spirit with Sharon.



You Will Need to Provide:

 - Your date of birth.
 - Date of conception.
 - Residential Address
 - Email address to send copy of notes from            channelling &mp3s
- Skype address for 30min live chat
 - Photo of yourself

This does not take the place of you seeking medical guidance.  Continued Doctor relationships throughout your pregnancy recommended.


Please allow up to 3 weeks for Sharon to do the channeling, the composing of the healing harmonics specific to the unique vibrations and arranging skype session.  Sharon will contact you via email addressed supplied to arrange a suitable time for the personal skype session.