From Wendy - SA

"My 3 granddaughters were not coping with losses in their lives, there were some conerning behavioural issues - acting out, not speaking about the losses/being closed off emotionally.  My grandchildren absolutely adored Sharon with the youngest of the 3 sitting on Sharon's lap, talking a mile a minute.  The youngest of the 3 went first and by the time her sisters had finished she wanted to go back in again.  The feedback from the sessions gave me insight into what was happening emotionally for my granddaughters and what I could do as a grandparent to assist with their healing.  My granddaughters still talk about their sessions with Sharon and view the sessions as a very positive experience.

My son was suffering with anxiety, stress, negative thoughts, not being able to cope/deal with everyday lifeAfter each of my son’s sessions I found it opened the door for more discussions to take place in regards to what was happening for him and strategies for moving forward for him.  My son was provided with techniques for managing anxiety/stress/negative thoughts and relaxation, which have been extremely successful and helpful on his road to healing.  I credit Sharon with putting my son on his road to healing, with him going from not being able to face the world, let alone participate in it, to completing a Uni degree."